Our Products


Designer Carpets has a wide variety of carpets to choose from. Our products can be installed wall to wall, made into a custom area rug or stair runner.

  • Synthetics ·  The new generation of synthetic fibers with built in stain and soil protection come in a wide selection of textures and colors to complement any décor. With many lines of nylon, polypropylene and polyester we can fit your needs based on style, performance, and budget.
  • Wools ·  Natural wool ages gracefully, continually renewing itself and developing a rich patina as years pass. If your style demands high design and high performance; natural wool delivers, year after year after year. Wool carpets and rugs are fire safe, providing beautiful peace of mind. Wool absorbs contaminants in the air, improving the indoor air quality and helping you breathe easier. We have many wool choices for area rugs and wall to wall carpeting from woven wilton carpets to tufted broadloom.
  • Seagrass ·  Seagrass grows in the tropical climates of China and Vietnam. The plant’s leaves are harvested by hand, dried and hand spun into cords before woven into flooring. The leaves have a smooth plastic-like skin, a property that give seagrass flooring its resistance to stains from spills. The seagrass plant is fast growing and abundant and form the large meadows in tidal zones, bays, and lagoons. Seagrass is not a cultivated crop that requires fertilizers and pesticides to grow rapidly and abundantly. Seagrass is available in a variety of styles and can be installed wall to wall or made into an area rug.
  • Sisal ·  Sisal comes from the Agave plant in Mexico. Its harvested by hand and makes beautiful area rugs, wall to wall carpeting, and stair runners. Sisal is a course fiber being that it comes from a dry climate. It is very durable but does not do as well as the seagrass when it comes to spills and moisture. Although sisal is available in many more colors and patterns then the seagrass.


Along with carpet we also offer hard surface options. We have domestic woods as well as exotic species. We also specialize in environmentally friendly options such as cork, bamboo, and recycled materials.

  • Prefinished Hardwood ·  We carry prefinished hardwoods in engineered (multi layer for stability) and solid woods. We have many species and styles from traditional oak strips to exotics such as Brazilian cherry.
  • Bamboo ·  Bamboo, a member of the grass family, is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly building products. Every April, new bamboo shoots grow out of the extensive bamboo root systems found on many mountains in Southeast China. We are careful to only carry products that are harvested every 5 ½ to 8 years for maximum density and quality.
    Bamboo floors can be compared in hardness to domestic hardwood. However, unlike wood, bamboo will continuously develop new growth from its underground root system… truly a renewable resource!
  • Cork ·  Cork flooring uses the material extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree, which only grows in the forests of Mediterranean countries. Most cork flooring plantations are found in Spain and Portugal. Cork is increasing in popularity today as the designers discover it’s flexibility in patterns, colors and look. Some advantages of a cork floor is hypo-allergenic, anti static, flexible, moisture resistant, sound absorbing, and eco-friendly. Suitable for use throughout your home there are styles and finishes tailored to create warmth and intimacy in kitchens and family rooms.
  • Miscellaneous ·  We also carry lines of recycled rubber flooring, laminate flooring, and luxury vinyl tile for commercial and residential applications.